Neutral brown page with text and a bowl image. Text reads Welcome to The Humble Mud, a ceramics blog by Carragh Amos. thehumblemud.com carraghamos.com
Welcome to The Humble Mud, a ceramics blog by Carragh Amos.

I’m Carragh (pronounced Cara), a ceramic artist from New Zealand.

I’ve started this blog as a way to archive my research and technique development. Posts will spread across a range of subjects related to the clay arts, like process break downs, round ups of inspiring contemporary ceramists, gallery visits and a focus on supporting female and NZ practitioners. Hopefully this space can also offer clay content of an aesthetic that I have struggled to find online.

For the past few years I have been traveling and making ceramic work & drawings with stints in Singapore, Montreal and Melbourne. Recently I’ve returned to Singapore to set up a new home-based ceramic studio (I’ll be sharing a bit more about setting up my studio in a future post).

I have a BFAHons from Elam School of Fine Arts (University of Auckland, NZ) and make both functional pottery and sculptural work, primarily handbuilt in stoneware. My installations are often characterised by masses of clustered handmade vessels and abstract forms.

Three photos showing different movements of a woman in an apron wedging stoneware clay on a wooden table. Neutral colours and low light.
Wedging a blend of stoneware and raku clay using ram’s head method

R Ingersoll said “We rise by lifting others”. I still have so much to learn, but by sharing my small amount of knowledge here I hope to support my fellow explorers and contribute to the resurgence of ceramic arts. I refuse to be a part of the modern culture of individualism and competition. There’s space for everyone to be successful!

If you’d like to see more of my ceramic artwork or if functional ware is currently available for purchase, check out carraghamos.com.

You might already be following me over on instagram, but otherwise i’d love to see you there @carragh_amos.

I hope this clay space offers you a taste of the warmth and inspiration I’ve been lucky enough to find in the ceramics community.

Need more mud? Check out my personal process and How-Tos in STUDIO, DISCOVER new clay artists here, or you can find my posts specifically on NZ ceramicists and potters under NEW ZEALAND CERAMICS.

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