Watch : Anagama Wood-firing Video | Traditional Pottery Process

Video brings process alive in way that photography can’t quite manage.

As promised, here is a short film celebrating the anagama woodfiring process I shared in my last post. Many thanks to my better half for the video cutting assistance – a seriously useful skill (he’s an angel – thanks Cody!).



The footage follows the cyclic journey of my pots – from packing up ceramics in my studio in Singapore, on to the old dragon kiln site in Ipoh, before coming to a close back in Singapore with ash transformation complete.

One of my absolute favourite things about this footage is the way it showcases the sense of community during the unload. This was an incredibly warm and encouraging group of artists, which i’m sure you will feel through the lens.

I recommend you watch it at full size for the best experience (click the expand icon on the bottom right). Sound on and enjoy~



Firing Details

Artist: Carragh Amos
Date: 31 August – 5th September 2019
Site: Ipoh, Malaysia
Kiln: The Kirin Kiln, Anagama
Lead firer: Abraham Ling
Duration: 51 Hours
Contributors / artists working to fire: 11
Kiln temp: Cone 11
Clay I used: Clayworks LGH Stoneware and Feeney’s White Raku
Glaze used: Unglazed /Ash exterior only (some filler glaze to line inside vessels)

Video Details

Footage: Carragh Amos
Editing: Cody Amos and Carragh Amos
Soundtrack: Sorry For Not Answering The Phone I’m Too Busy Trying To Fly Away – In Love With A Ghost
Published Vimeo: 20/10/2019

If you’re hungry for more woodfiring, you can always revisit my photo diary of the anagama here or these awesome Kiwi ceramic artists.

It was really fun seeing all my messy video snippets come together. Would you like to see more videos like this? Let me know what you think of my first clip in the comments below!

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