Works in Woodfire – Kiwi Ceramists

My partner and I bought a beautiful pit fired bottle 5-7 years ago in Coromandel Town. The muddy, lumpy form was being exhibited as part of a community ceramics show in the town hall. It was love at first sight. A rich, rustic and heavily textured piece that looks like it was just pulled from … Continue reading Works in Woodfire – Kiwi Ceramists

10 Contemporary Ceramic Artists Embracing Line

As much as I love them, museums only take you so far when you're trying to research ceramic drawing options... and there's nothing like deep trawling the internet for ceramics inspiration, am I right? Ruth and I have been researching for our collab body of work over the past six months which has dug up … Continue reading 10 Contemporary Ceramic Artists Embracing Line

Droolworthy NZ Ceramic Collaborations

I really miss New Zealand. Nothing like walking along the beach on a breezy morning and and having a few strangers wish you a good morning, or start up a chat about some sandy dog. In fact, the place is so small you might bump into someone you actually know while you're there. Kiwis are … Continue reading Droolworthy NZ Ceramic Collaborations