Works in Woodfire – Kiwi Ceramists

My partner and I bought a beautiful pit fired bottle 5-7 years ago in Coromandel Town. The muddy, lumpy form was being exhibited as part of a community ceramics show in the town hall. It was love at first sight. A rich, rustic and heavily textured piece that looks like it was just pulled from … Continue reading Works in Woodfire – Kiwi Ceramists

10 Contemporary Ceramic Artists Embracing Line

As much as I love them, museums only take you so far when you're trying to research ceramic drawing options... and there's nothing like deep trawling the internet for ceramics inspiration, am I right? Ruth and I have been researching for our collab body of work over the past six months which has dug up … Continue reading 10 Contemporary Ceramic Artists Embracing Line

Joining a Shared Ceramic Studio? Ask These Questions First

Every time my husband and I move to a new city I begin the exciting hunt for a new ceramic space... and the dreaded final decision making process. It starts off being an inspiring adventure into the unknown of this new home, the different options around, the opportunities and the community I might build. Then … Continue reading Joining a Shared Ceramic Studio? Ask These Questions First

Droolworthy NZ Ceramic Collaborations

I really miss New Zealand. Nothing like walking along the beach on a breezy morning and and having a few strangers wish you a good morning, or start up a chat about some sandy dog. In fact, the place is so small you might bump into someone you actually know while you're there. Kiwis are … Continue reading Droolworthy NZ Ceramic Collaborations